We’ve all seen it, most of us grew up with it, and a lot of us struggle with modernizing the traditional oak finishes in our homes. What was once a trend in the ’80s now lingering as a dated reminder of its former glory.

So, when Shannon Forrester and her team from Floor Coverings International were faced with a renovation project of a classic Emerald Park home that had remained largely untouched for 30 years, they looked for ways to give it a contemporary feel while retaining the traditional feel of natural hardwood.

Working with the homeowners, they decided on a more modern looking red oak hardwood floor to complement the existing oak kitchen cabinets. “When you have a home that has a lot of natural oak, you don’t have to change out everything; what we can do is find things that work with it, that complement it, so that you can still renovate and update everything without spending as much as a complete gut of your home.” Even adding a few accents such as black hardware to tie everything in.

The number of stairs in the home – 33 to be exact – provided a challenge and are now a unique feature of the home. Instead of laying hardwood pieces with a nose on the edges, they opted for custom treads consisting of premade solid slabs, giving it a clean look that is more in keeping with traditional homes built centuries ago. And not only do they look beautiful, but these custom treads tend to age better over time because they don’t have edges that eventually come loose. And, instead of having oak throughout, the white risers break it up and complement the newly refreshed banisters.

“The customer service and personal attention provided by Bobbi and Shannon at Floor Coverings International go above and beyond. I have never had service like this. The follow-through is amazing. In spite of a few glitches in the installation, we were promised service until we are completely satisfied. We definitely will be using this company again. I highly recommend Floor Coverings International for any of your flooring or tiling needs. You won’t be disappointed!”

The fireplace and entryway were completed with matching porcelain tile, manufactured in Italy to look as stunning as marble, without the upkeep. Shannon says that our messy Saskatchewan winters make traditional marble entryways difficult as the tile is fussy and needs to be sealed. It’s a gorgeous, budget-friendly upgrade from the terracotta tiles that lined the entryway previously.
Big renovation projects like this can require multiple contractors, and a bonus of working with Floor Coverings International is that they are custom project managers. In fact, client Karen Novak went to the lake in her trailer while her home was being renovated and received daily updates from Shannon and her team.

Whatever your renovation needs, Floor Coverings International has got you covered, from start to finish and anywhere in between. Not only do they come to you with endless ideas and a host of experience, but they bring samples to your home so you can see exactly what your getting. So if it’s time to get rid of that 80’s oak or simply modernize your home, give Shannon a call today!