The focal point of a beautiful en-suite is often a beautifully tiled shower, complete with a custom bench or built in niche, maybe with additional body-jets or even a fully enclosed steam option.
There is more to custom showers than just the pretty tile and fancy glass door though. Improper installation can be a breeding ground for mold and make your home unhealthy and unsafe.
Our professional installation team uses custom shower systems like those from Wedi Corporation to ensure you have a beautiful and safe shower system that will deliver you years upon years of leak-free beauty and durability.

Here are a few reasons why we love installing Wedi Shower Systems:

Perfect pre-built shower pans.

Wedi pre-built, customizable shower pans are always perfect. The perfect slopes and 100% waterproof pans let our installers consistently install perfectly sloped and flat floors. These pans are 100″% waterproof even if the cementitious top layer is damaged, revealing the foam core below, and are guaranteed to provide a long lasting base for your waterproof shower.

This custom wedi shower was part of a beautiful south Regina whole home renovation.

Reliable waterproof joints mean no weak points in your waterproof shower.

The Wedi Shower system ties directly into the shower curb, making the critical joint where wall meets curb 100% waterproof and reliable. Wedi boards and curbs are joined together with an ultra sticky, stretchy and durable polyurethane caulking, and our professional installers can easily verify their work with a visual inspection of the seams before continuing with the tiling.

Wedi Design Ideas are limited only by imagination.

Unlimited interesting design options.

The Wedi system offers tons of interesting design customization options. From floating shower benches to custom shower shelves and niches, the Wedi system will let us build every beautiful design detail you could dream of into your custom shower.
Featured Wedi Project

We have been busy working on a beautiful whole home renovation which included a custom Wedi Shower. Check out the photo gallery of this project as Scott expertly installed both the Wedi system and the tile to create a beautiful custom shower. And, stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page in a few weeks when we can take you on a tour of the completed house project.